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Grief and Trauma Intervention (GTI) for Children

The development of GTI for Children was based on a framework in which practice informed the research, and the research informed the practice. This has resulted in a theoretically grounded evidence-based, practical intervention for “real world” settings.

The development and evaluation of GTI began in 1997. This intervention grew out of the work of our agency, which was providing intervention to low income, urban African American children who had witnessed multiple types of violence and many of whom had had a loved one murdered.

GTI has been tested with children experiencing posttraumatic stress due to witnessing or being a direct victim of violence (often multiple types of violence), death of a loved one (including homicide) and disasters (specifically Hurricane Katrina). Results indicate significant improvements in symptoms of posttraumatic stress, depression, and traumatic grief in children who participated in GTI.

The intervention utilizes cognitive behavioral and narrative therapy strategies. GTI has been implemented in various community-based settings, including schools, afterschool programs and community centers, and may be provided individually or in a group setting.

The GTI treatment manual includes several special features including:

  1. Case vignettes to illustrate implementation of specific session activities;
  2. A fidelity checklist for each session and a section for notes to document the process of implementing GTI;
  3. A section on evaluation that explains screening and lists the recommended evaluation tools along with where these tools can be obtained; and
  4. All of the worksheets that are needed.

GTI is to be implemented by mental health clinicians, preferably with a Master’s degree in a mental health-related field.

A two-day training on implementing GTI is recommended for first time users.

For more information about training, evaluation or research on GTI, contact Dr. Alison Salloum, University of South Florida at [email protected].

To purchase the GTI Training manual, visit HERE.

Did You Know?

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