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Crisis Intervention Services

How do children react to an unexpected death of a teacher or fellow student?

How do children cope when a family loses everything in a house fire or the death of a caregiver?

Children’s Bureau provides immediate support in the aftermath of a traumatic event and/or loss of a loved one. We provide support to schools and organizations in the form of on-site clinical support and help with messaging to the community about the event/loss. Similar services are provided to individuals and families.

Our crisis team receives referrals from DCFS, NOPD, schools, churches, libraries, emergency departments, etc.

The short-term intervention model focuses on stabilization, connection to resources, reinforcing positive coping skills, and assessment of the need for ongoing clinical support.

Approximately 1,000 children receive grief & trauma intervention services through this program known as LA BEST (Louisiana Behavioral and Emotional Support Team).

Know a Child that Needs a Hand?

We accept referrals from parents, relatives, teachers, etc. Individuals between ages of 18 and 24 may request an appointment for themselves.