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Who can make a referral?

Children’s Bureau of New Orleans accepts referrals for crisis interventions from many different sources who are invested in the life of the child, including parents or other relatives, teachers, schools, youth serving agencies, juvenile court officials, and DCFS to name a few. While any concerned adult may refer a child for a crisis intervention, only legal guardians may complete an intake and consent for treatment.

What services do we offer?

  • Crisis intervention for a youth or family in the immediate aftermath of a loss or other traumatic event.
  • Team crisis intervention for a school or other youth serving organizations in the immediate aftermath of a loss or other traumatic event.
  • Short term weekly trauma-informed counseling sessions with a masters-level clinician or trainee as a follow up from the crisis, if needed.

To receive a call about Crisis Intervention services, simply fill out the referral form below.

If you need immediate assistance or care, call 911.

Crisis Intervention Request Form

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